Quality Work that Makes History

There’s always something else to learn! 


In The Nick of Time was developed to address a shortfall within the traditional repair companies that were not the best solution for all the work that needs to be done around the home.


Why should a homeowner have to call three or four companies to simply remodel one room in their house?


Why should they wait for days on end for the workers to come or even weeks until everything is done?

In The Nick of Time is a one stop shop offering both service and quality !


Today this is still one of In The Nick of Time‘s motto. And every year, satisfied customers confirm that it is a good one.


All you have to do is call our company with a list of jobs that require attention and leave the rest to us.


On larger projects we complete our quotations within 24hrs and if we are not able to provide all of the services recommended, then we shall pass on trusted trade contacts to carry out the works. We reqularly come in to contact with a wealth of great local trades whom we are happy to work along side.